Alicia Park

King County Courthouse Elopement

A rainy day elopement at the King County Courthouse in Seattle, WA with couple Sandra & Cody. 

If you are planning to have a court elopement in Seattle, chances are you are looking into King County Courthouse to do so. The court is located in Downtown Seattle, just north of Pioneer Square. I would highly recommend it as there are many areas nearby to take couple and family portraits! There is also the Seattle Municipal Court, which is another great option for those who are looking to elope. 

We started off taking some pre-elopement photos in downtown. We wanted to encapsulate the city vibes and with a large clear umbrella in hand, embraced the Seattle rain that was lightly coming down on us. I am in love with how romantic a lot of the shots came out! Sandra & Cody were so chill about the fact that it was raining during our session too. 

After finishing up with photos and getting a little soggy, we made our way back to the courthouse where the couple’s family and close friends were waiting. 

The ceremony finished up quickly after personal vows from the couple, a ring exchange, and of course a kiss to seal the deal. We took some more family photos & couple photos right outside the courtroom. My favorite shots ended up being the flash photos at the elevator! It was so sweet to be a witness to such an intimate union and celebration. 

If you’re planning to get eloped in Seattle, I’d love to chat with you!


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