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Choosing a Wedding Photographer

Wedding planning is for sure an overwhelming process. If you’re like me and super indecisive, this can be especially true. I can’t tell you how many florists, photographers, venues, etc. I combed through before making a final decision while I was planning my own wedding a few years ago. This guide is for the engaged people who are feeling indecisive or unsure of what to look for and ask about during your wedding photographer search process. A lot of these tips also extend to other vendors outside of just photographers! Read more to learn about steps on choosing a wedding photographer.

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1. Ask for a sample gallery

This one is really important and surprisingly not a super common request! As a photographer, we are always posting only our best and favorite work on our portfolio or social media. When you ask for a sample gallery, you can get a sense of things like how many photos you might receive, how this photographer handles different lighting situations, how many candid vs. posed photos they take, etc. You might also want to request seeing a gallery of your venue if the photographer has shot there before, or at a similar style venue if they have not shot at your particular one. 

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2. Find someone whose personality you vibe with

I get it, you’re hiring a vendor – not someone to be your BFF. But if you don’t feel comfortable or don’t even like your photographer’s personality, that could really affect your mood on your wedding day! If you’re someone who’s more low-key, maybe you also want that kind of personality from your photographer. If you are a more bubbly person, maybe you need someone to match that energy. When you get along with your photographer, you may naturally feel more comfortable in front of them as they document your day. I’d also recommend taking engagement pictures with your wedding photographer before the big day, so that you have a chance to get to know one another beforehand. 

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3. Have a chat with them before booking

Either a phone call or a video call. Really, anything is better than email in order to get a sense of who your potential photographer really is. Email is fine too, but sometimes it can feel a bit too formal. This will also give your photographer a chance to explain more of their process in depth, which could make or break your decision. You can ask them additional questions that may not have been answered on their website.  

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4. Ask them to send you a contract for review

Just having a contract sent to you does not necessarily mean you are going to book them. That is why just reading a photographer’s contract can be helpful in making your decision. The fine print says it all. Some examples of what you can expect to see in a wedding photographer’s contract are: 
– What is included in each package
– Your/their protections in case of an emergency
– What they might need from you prior to the wedding day 
– What their turnaround time is 
– Info about breaks and meals 

I hope you found this information useful! If you are considering working with me as your wedding photographer, head to the Inquire page to learn some more info.


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